Wholesale Policy

  • --Wholesale Policy
    How to place a wholesale order

    1. Go to wholesale catalogues to place wholesale orders online and send payment to our account with your credit card. We will send products to you in 24 hours after you pay.

    2. If you can not find the wholesale catalogue of the product you want to order, please send a message to our email 

    Why choose us

    1. We provide the most preferential price and the best service.

    2. We offer better discount for wholesale orders.

    3. We have international advanced logistics experience and basis, and stick to our service standard "keep the goods moving on the way" through scientific logistics deployment from the raw materials to production line, from production line to Greenbaseonline and from Greenbaseonline to customers. Usually we send the products out in 24 hours.

    Wholesale Price

    1. Greenbaseonline provides top-quality products and the most competitive wholesale prices. You can look up all the prices of wholesale products and place orders at the prices online.

    2. All products have price gradients according to order quantities. The more you order, the better discounts we offer.

How to track my orders

  • --How to Track my orders?
    Successful order will be processed in 24 hours. We will email you the tracking number, with the tracking number you can track parcel status through the following ways.


    Usually we ship our products by EMS, HK Post, TNT, UPS, DHL and FedEx. Usually your parcel can be tracked online within 2-3 business days. Following are the tracking websites for different countries.




    United Kingdom



How to modify the order

  • --How to modify my order?
    A. If you still not pay for your order, you can log in your account in our website and modify your order. You can change your products or the quantity. If you don’t have an account on our website please contact us to help you.

    B. If you want to change your order after the payment, please contact us within one business day. Please do understand that the package would be sent out soon after you pay and there would be nothing we could do to help if it is more than one business day.

Important Notice: Intellectual property

  • For all customers:

    We never authorize this seller: "TOY DJ Factory- US Dealer" on Amazon to sell our Tinksky Brand products,please take carefully.
    This unauthorized seller:"TOY DJ Factory- US Dealer" don’t get our authorization to sell our Tinksky products.Tinksky products come with highly reputation in the market,we invest amount of advertising fees.This unauthorized seller:"TOY DJ Factory- US Dealer" produce and sell the fake ones and stealing our trademark, which brings many negative effects on our trademark.We will report this seller to Amazon quickly and protect our customers.

    Tinksky Copyright Department

    Copyright Contact: Eason Zhang
    Tel: +86-755-83286325